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Move Human Resources Forward

Featured Partner Apps for HR built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform


Inspire achievement with recognition and real rewards

Case Management Central

Unified employee inbox providing visibility into your HR tickets and case history


Organizational mapping and visual analytics

HR Audit and Compliance as a Service
Proactively check against customizable rules and criteria

The New World of Work

As a human resources manager, you know the impact of today's, always-on workforce in which the barriers between work and life have blurred. You recognize the shift of the growing contingent/part-time workforce of skilled personnel and the employee demographic change with the rise of the Millennials. And you understand the urgent demand for streamlined HR processes. This ‘new world of work’ often requires a significant change in HR strategies for leadership, talent, and human resources. 

It's up to you to lead the way and with SAP HANA Cloud Platform you can!

Learn How to Meet New HR Initiatives

Understand how you can leverage the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP’s Platform as a Service) to build new applications or extend existing applications to meet new HR initiatives. Filip Misovski (VP SAP HCP) and Ralph Schneider (HR COO Information Officer SAP) first discuss how SAP had brought in SuccessFactors to meet the company’s HR needs and then extended this core HR application with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to meet the white spaces that came up for new HR initiatives.

Easily Add a New Feature to SAP SuccessFactors

Quickly and easily personalize your SaaS applications, such as SAP SuccessFactors, with SAP HANA Cloud Platform and make them your perfect fit for your unique business. SAP HANA Cloud Platform combines agility and a low TCO with customer-specific applications that are not dependent on new software releases or updates from SuccessFactors for
requested new features. 

Move Employee Engagement Strategies Forward

Intense competition to hire and retain qualified employees have forced organizations to elevate their approach to employee engagement. They need to attract, motivate, retain and engage employees with programs such as work-life effectiveness, recognition, and reward systems – this is where the SAP HANA Cloud Platform comes in, it can extend existing SAP SuccessFactors or SAP HR solutions to integrate new functionality or applications that foster employee engagement.

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