SAP HANA Cloud Platform


SAP HANA Cloud Platform's closely integrated security services include authentication, single sign-on, on-premises integration and self-services such as registration and password reset for employees, customers, partners and consumers. 

Easily Integrate Enterprise-Grade Security into Your Cloud Apps

SAP HANA Cloud Platform's rich security services make it easy for you to create secure and reliable cloud applications, enabling you to focus on what you do best—delivering amazing apps. Simply use our security services to connect to the robust security foundation of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and start connecting people with technologies—securely.

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Simplify and Secure Cloud Access from Anywhere, on Any Device

With SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Authentication, you can now provide your employees, customers and partners with simple and secure cloud-based access to the business processes, applications, and data they need.

Featuring state-of-the art authentication mechanisms, secure single sign-on functionality, on-premise integration, and convenient self-service options, SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Authentication simplifies user experience in the cloud.

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Easily Manage Identity and Authorization for Your Cloud Apps

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning offers a comprehensive, low cost approach to identity lifecycle management in the cloud that automates the provisioning of identities and authorizations for easy on-boarding of cloud-based business applications.

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