SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Business Services

SAP Business Services fuel the fast development of Business apps and services for the cloud, and power an open marketplace for new business apps which includes SAP, hybris, ISV and other 3rd party apps. Choose from pre-packaged apps for customer service and ecommerce, micro business services or explore a marketplace of services for quickly creating business-ready apps.

Invent, package and market – in no time

SAP hybris as a Service provides a new set of ecommerce, customer loyalty and customer engagement packages to quickly set up and deliver applications to help deepen customer engagements.

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Determine and compute your taxes worldwide

In today’s world, a successful application has to target global compliance. But local tax laws can be complicated and changing frequently. SAP Localization Hub, Tax, enables you to easily determine and compute applicable taxes
for your transactions and ensures compliance by delivering in-time tax updates.

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